General Location

J-PARC is located on the Pacific coast of Japan at the Tokai site of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, JAEA in Ibaraki Prefecture, about 115 km northeast of Tokyo. The J-PARC site is approximately 50 km from the Tsukuba main site of the High-Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK).

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From Narita and Haneda Airports

The J-PARC site is about 80 km north of Narita International Airport and about 125 km northeast of Haneda International Airport. An "Airport Limousine Bus" service links Tokai railway station with both Narita and Haneda airports. The bus trip from Narita and Haneda to Tokai takes about 2.5 and 3 hours, respectively. A limousine service to Tokyo is also available.

Trains also operate out of both Narita and Haneda airports, but they do not service Tokai directly. More detail is available at the J-PARC Users Office website and/or the following web sites.

From Tokyo

The JR Joban Line departs from the Ueno terminal in Tokyo and travels through Tokai. There are several direct services from Ueno to Takai, but usually you need to change a train at Katsuta station, where is about 10km away from Tokai and all limited express trains stop.
A highway bus service from JR Tokyo station stops in front of the JAEA main gate. Journey time is about 2.5 hours.

From Tokai Station

It takes about 10 min by taxi from Tokai station to JAEA. The cost is around 1,300 yen.

To and From KEK.

A shuttle bus service between J-PARC and KEK operates throughout the day. Please allow about 80 min for the trip.