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Photo number:01

J-PARC Center is a vast experimental site of 650,000 square meters located in Tokai village, north of Ibaraki prefecture, where cutting-edge facilities and high-tech enterprises have gathered. This photo is taken from the air in the west of J-PARC Center.


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Photo number:02

First of all, J-PARC LINAC produces "negative hydrogen ions" and accelerates them, prior to generating proton beam. This photo is one of the RF (radio frequency) accelerating systems, called DTL (Drift Tube Linac).





Photo number:03

Most of the protons accelerated in the RCS (rapid cycling synchrotron) are directed to the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF). This photo is an RF cavity installed in RCS.





Photo number:04

The protons accelerated up to 99.95 % of light speed at the MR (main ring synchrotron) are transported to the Hadron Experimental Facility and Neutrino Experimental Facility. This photo shows a bending magnet (blue) and a quadrupole magnet (yellow) installed at the MR.





Photo number:05

MLF is a user facility which provides intense pulsed neutron and muon beams to conduct a wide range of studies, such as fundamental research for scientific development and material research leading to industrial application. This photo shows a part of experimental hall in the MLF.





Photo number:06

The Hadron Hall is a research facility designed to investigate the fundamental components of matter and to measure their interactions with extremely high precision. The study is a journey in time back through the history of the universe. This photo shows a gamma detector (Inner Barrel) installed in Hadron Hall.





Photo number:07

World's highest intensity neutrino beams produced at J-PARC are directed towards Super-Kamiokande, the University of Tokyo's Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, aiming at elucidating a mystery of neutrino. This photo shows a near detector installed in the neutrino monitoring building.


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