Message from Director of J-PARC Center


  I am honored to have been appointed once again as the Director of the J-PARC Center.

  J-PARC aims to enrich people's lives intellectually and materially by facilitating a wide range of research and development endeavors, from fundamental sciences to industrial applications such as materials and life sciences, and particle and nuclear physics. This has been achieved by providing various secondary particle beams, including neutrons, muons, neutrinos, and K mesons, to users from both domestic and international communities. Since its commencement of operations in 2008, J-PARC has continuously increased beam intensity, advanced facility capabilities, and achieved numerous research results in various fields. Notable examples include the discovery of new neutrino oscillation phenomena and research on strong interactions in particle and nuclear physics, as well as the elucidation of functions in living organisms and the development of new material substances in materials and life sciences.

  Looking ahead, we are committed to furthering research efforts, promoting the utilization of our facilities, strengthening collaboration with the local community, and nurturing the next generation of researchers. Additionally, we will make efforts towards environmental sustainability and improving energy efficiency for a sustainable future.

  Furthermore, we remain steadfast in our commitment to safety management, building upon our past experiences to continue generating significant research outcomes.

  I am deeply grateful for the dedication of the JAEA and KEK staff, as well as users from both domestic and international communities, and the invaluable cooperation of all affiliated companies, which have been instrumental in J-PARC's development. Going forward, I see it as my mission to transform J-PARC into a research facility that contributes more to the advancement of humanity. This entails fostering collaboration with domestic and international research institutions, enhancing industrial utilization, furthering interdisciplinary research by leveraging the versatility of our multipurpose facility, and sharing our research findings with general public.

  I sincerely request your continued understanding, guidance, and support in the journey ahead.


April 2024
Takashi Kobayashi, Director, J-PARC Center