Suspension of MLF operation due to problems with its neutron source

   Dear users:

   At the J-PARC/MLF neutron source facility, it was observed on Monday, June 24 at around 12:00 that the amount of moisture in the helium vessel containing the main components of the neutron source had increased beyond normal levels. As it is necessary to check the condition of the equipment inside the helium vessel, the facility has now been stopped. There is no impact on the experimental hall or the environment due to this.
   In order to investigate and examine the cause of this event in detail, we have decided to cancel the scheduled MLF user operation until 9:00 on July 1st. The operation of the neutrino facility will continue as scheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience and trouble this may cause to our users.
   Thank you for your understanding.


   Takashi Kobayashi, Director of J-PARC Center