J-PARC Photo Contest 2023

<Announcement of the winner>


Everything in J-PARC :
Striking instruments research outcomes, actively working people in J-PARC and so on.

<Winning photos>

Best photo : one photo
HARADA, Takeshi (Kyoto University Graduate School)
Excellent photos : two photos
OISHI, Yu, MUTO, Ryotaro
Good photos : seven photos
SEKIGUCHI, Tetsuro, EBATA, Kengo (Kyoto University Graduate School) , OTANI, Masashi, YAMAKI, Ken-ichi, KOBAYASHI, Aine, TAKESHITA, Soshi, Thorsten Lux (IFAE) (three photos)
Thank you for your application for the J-PARC photo contest 2023.
Every picture was wonderful and at last, winners are selected.
We look forward to meeting your best photos next year again!

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